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Renting your bike and gear is a great option. Not only do you not have to lug your bike around while traveling (and potentially pay exorbitant luggage fees) but renting your equipment also means that you’ll be able to choose from a range of bikes to suit different terrains – on a daily basis. Plus, Whistler trails are notoriously rough on bikes so you may want to consider a rental just to keep your bike in good condition!

If you do choose to rent, we can help you! We have access to the latest and greatest XC, all-mountain and downhill bikes. Just let us know your preferred brand, model, spec and size and we can do the rest.

For those who do choose to bring their own bikes, we offer a tooled workshop, bike wash and secure storage. If we can’t help you fix your bike or tune your shocks we know a local specialist that definitely can.

If you are interested in having us facilitate bike tours and/or rentals, please complete the form below.

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